Meet the Staff

Staff-5 Jesse Baines
Jesse realized his passion for glass when he created a stained glass project for his 7th grade art class. He worked at a stained glass studio in Lincoln before moving to Rainbow. He worked for Dick for over 20 years before purchasing the business in 2015.
Staff-3 Dick Baines
Dick is a previous recruiter and auto parts store owner. He combined his hobby of working with glass with his experience of owning a business when he purchased Rainbow Artistic Glass. He retired in 2015 and passed the mantle to Jesse. He currently works part time and relaxes the rest.
Staff-1 Sarah Stieren
Sarah, daughter of Dick, grew up dusting and rearranging the store. After a few other retail jobs, she came to Rainbow temporarily quite a few years ago. Sarah attended college for a while but found her niche here and continued her education in a hands-on manner.
Staff-6 Ali Caniglia
Ali, also a daughter of Dick, graduated from the University of Nebraska – Omaha. She dusted at Rainbow to help pay her way through college. Ready for a change from her job at a brokerage firm she was offered a job at Rainbow and happily accepted. She has never looked back.
Staff-2 Jan Peers
After years in the corporate world and other ventures, Jan opened A/Art Glass in 1996. She “retired” and closed A/Art Glass but now teaches her classes at Rainbow.
Staff-4 Jo Heckel
Before Rainbow, Jo taught Physical Education and was the diving coach at a local high school. Stained glass was a hobby. Jo was at A/Art for 18 years with Jan and now teaches her classes here.