cross1Create a mosaic cross for your home! You get to choose the colors from our scrap glass and create your own design. It can be totally abstract or not; it’s your decision. Ali shows you how to use small pieces of glass to construct your image on a pre-cut wooden cross. The class time for this class is going to be a little different as it can be a time consuming project. There will be instruction time at the beginning of the scheduled time on how to cut and attach the glass to the cross. You’ll work for a bit to get the feel for it and ask questions. After an hour or so, we’ll take a break and learn how to grout your project. The rest of the time is open studio time so you can continue to work on your cross (or you can take it home to finish). You may or may not have the whole pattern complete at the end of the day depending on how quickly you work and how detailed your project is. Either way, you will take your project and grout home and apply the grout at home.